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Hack with Waku at ETHDam

We are a family of robust, censorship-resistant communication protocols designed to enable privacy-focused messaging for web3 apps.
DateApr 12 – Apr 14 2024
LocationPakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade 179 1019 HC Amsterdam The Netherlands


Waku is a suite of generalised messaging protocols aiming to be the communication standard for the decentralised web. It enables private and secure human-to-human, machine-to-machine, and human-to-machine communication without reliance on centralised intermediaries. Messaging through Waku is possible from one-to-one to many-to-many.

Waku serves as the communications layer of the Logos tech stack. Alongside the trustless agreement layer, Nomos, and the storage layer, Codex, it is one of the Logos Collective's foundational projects.

Motive: Today's internet is increasingly controlled by a small number of tech giants. Google, Amazon, Meta, and a few others dictate what we see and with whom we can communicate. Their influence is almost limitless, and their actions shape global public opinion and even geopolitics.

To anyone that understands the internet's present architecture, this outcome should be expected. The centralised entities through which we communicate have privileged access to reams of data that we, as internet users, produce daily, presenting an opportunity for the kind of surveillance that was once confined to the pages of science-fiction literature. Thinking that the most powerful commercial and political institutions would not leverage this would be naive.

Yet, it doesn't have to be this way. Advances in cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and decentralised technologies provide an alternate path forward.

Our Delegation

Reach out for an appointment.


EcoDev Lead

Kumaraguru T

Developer relations engineer


Protocol engineer


Research engineer

Want to see how Waku works?

The HackathonThe hackathon begins at 12:00am on Friday 12th of April and ends at 12:00am sharp on Sunday 14th of April. All projects must be submitted via Taikai.

We are offering 2.000 EUR in bounties!

- 1st prize (Winner) : 1.000 EUR
- 2nd prize : 750 EUR
- 3rd prize : 250 EUR
The ConferenceWant to learn more about how Waku works?

Make sure to attend the workshop, followed by a live coding session with our Developer Relations engineer Kumaraguru!

Topic: “Privacy-preserving web3 communications at scale with Waku”
Date: 12th of April
Time: 14:00 - 14:20
Location: Studio, 5th floor

Marina will be moderating the "Privacy Infra" panel alongside Kumaraguru (Waku), Haischel Dabian (Co-Founder, Obscura) and Oliver Gale (Co-Founder and CEO of Panther Protocol).

Date: 12th of April
Time:15:25 - 15:55
Location: Grote Zaal, 2nd floor

Livestreams will be available at our X!
Planning to hack? Prepare beforehand!Get the most out of the ETHDam hackathon - attend pre-events as well!

Look at our and check out our ideas board to get some ideas. You can also find some tutorials on our blog and YouTube channel.

Don’t miss Hacker Speed Dating - a team building activation which will be hosted in person, on April 12th, right before the launch of the hackathon, to help you to get to know each other and meet our team

Have any questions about the event our tech? Reach out to us on Discord or Telegram - we are always happy to help!
Web3PrivacyNow MeetupAre in in Amsterdam on the 11th of April?

Don’t miss Web3PrivacyNow meetup!
We have a big announcement for you there...

Register to attend

Topic: "The Waku Network: light clients and full nodes"
Description : Practical walk through main entities in the network and how Waku tries to provide best possible privacy guarantees to casual users as well as privacy centered ones.
Time : 20:00

Logos Network State

Want to get involved with Waku? Join the Discord community.


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