May 25 2023

Contribute to Waku

You can contribute to Waku in several manners:

Run a Node

The Waku Network is a permissionless, decentralized set of nodes. Anyone can run their own node, use and support the network.

Learn more here.

Build Your Own Waku Application

By integrating Waku in your application, you may contribute by:

  • Running Waku node within your application,
  • Reporting bugs and missing features to the development teams,
  • Inspire other developers in using Waku for various use cases.

Get started now.

Contribute to the Waku Implementations

All Waku implementations are open source, Pull Requests and welcome and encouraged.

We sometimes open bounties on Gitcoin, potential bounties are marked with the label bounty on GitHub issues.



Waku Research is ongoing and driven by Vac. Vac is an R&D org creating modular p2p protocols for private, secure, censorship resistant communication.

Learn more at https://vac.dev/

Other Ways of Contributing

If you are keen to contribute but not sure how, join the discussion on Vac Discord or the Waku Telegram Group.

Waku is a public good, we are always welcoming help from the community.