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Core contributors

Leading Waku's R&D efforts is Franck Royer. Franck draws on more than five years of experience within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, and over 13 years as a software engineer and team lead with a primary focus on backend development for mission-critical applications.

The core contributors building Waku are split into three subgroups:

  • Waku Research

  • Waku Development

  • Waku Eco Dev

Waku Research

Our research efforts are led by a former telecoms engineer with almost a decade of experience, and supported by a post-doctoral research engineer who specialises in communications networks.

Waku Development

Waku's development arm is broken down by client implementation.

  • nwaku: The team building nwaku, our implementation in Nim, consists of three software engineers with more than two decades of combined experience in backend development, open-source development, artificial intelligence, and finance.

  • js-waku: Our JavaScript implementation is developed by a senior and intermediate software engineer, one with extensive experience in the web3 sector and another who previously worked with renowned tech companies, such as Microsoft and Ubisoft.

  • go-waku: Building Waku's Golang implementation are two senior software engineers with over 25 years of combined experience, including significant experience in web3.

Waku Eco Dev

Ensuring that Waku attracts developers and users is the Waku Outreach team. It comprises a developer relations engineer and a technical writer. Both members are steeped in web3, having previously worked with Wallet Connect and Unstoppable Domains, and regularly presenting on the crypto conference circuit.

Waku is looking to expand the above structure and currently has openings for core contributors. As an open-source public goods project, Waku also welcomes community contributions. Please check out our Github repo here.

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